Our Work

We invest in businesses that share our passion for local and regenerative organic agriculture. We also dedicate our resources and time to supporting individuals and organizations that are committed to social justice, animal welfare, and soil health.


New Barn

New Barn is the leading national, organic almondmilk brand in the US market. With simple ingredients, and a taste that is more like homemade, the company is quickly becoming a favorite among consumers nationwide.

Co-founded by Ted & Chris Robb.

Trail Coffee Roasters

Trail Coffee began in the 1970’s when Bing Kirk travelled to Nicaragua, fell in love with the countryside, and purchased a coffee farm called Cerro De Jesus. Today, we operate a cafe in downtown Stockton, CA, as well as sell our coffee directly and through distribution.


Organic, sparkling shrubs with no preservatives, flavors or colors ever. Made and bottled in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Co-Founded by Chris Robb.

Preserve Farm Kitchens

Preserve Farm Kitchens is committed to enhancing the vitality of local farms by creating unique products and preserving the harvest. Often using perfectly good produce that would otherwise go to compost.